Cheating in the 2016 London Marathon

The London Marathon was brilliant viewing over the weekend. I was thrilled when Jemima Sungong picked herself up and went on to win. True grit and determination. As for Eliud Kipchoge, we started screaming him over the line, mind-blowing running. Of course, the buzz is now all about the London Marathon cheats, with about 20 have allegedly been flagged up for investigation by the organisers. I’m not going to name the most prolific culprit – if you’re a runner, you’ll know who it is already. It’s not the first year it’s happened – there has… View Post

London Marathon 2016 – A Letter to Participants

Dear London Marathon 2016 Participants, I didn’t take part this year. I wasn’t fortunate enough to get through the ballot. But I was lucky enough to take part in 2015, after winning a Twitter competition. I was injured and ran badly, but it was London and the London Marathon is awesome. Every single one of you today was awesome. The London Marathon never fails to inspire and motivate. From the elite runners chasing the win, runners chasing Olympic dreams, runners chasing personal bests, runners raising for charities, runners doing it because they can, the runners… View Post

Guide to Watching the London Marathon with …

We’re now just 6 days away from the London Marathon. If you’re not running, maybe you’re planning to go and watch. Please do – the crowd support is magnificent and I’m not sure I would have completed it with my injury last year had it not been for the crowds. Rather than write a standard guide to spectating, I thought I’d advise you on how to do it with the kids in tow! Plan your route If you’re trying to spot friends and family running, part of the fun is trying to do as many… View Post

The 2015 London Marathon and how to begin …

Article in collaboration with Bruce West Paula Radcliffe’s last London Marathon was emotional to say the least. Running with the masses, and recording a time of two hours 36 minutes and 55 seconds to complete the 26.2 mile course, just three years after surgery on a serious foot injury, it was evident throughout that she was battling to keep her own emotions in check. Radcliffe reaction “It was just amazing the whole way round,” said Radcliffe, who still holds the world record. “I wore the sunglasses to keep a lid on my emotions and they… View Post

London Marathon 2015 Race Report – Mind Over Matter

So, I did it. I completed the 35th London Marathon. It wasn’t pretty. But I am SO pleased to have done it. I hadn’t run in 3 weeks due to plantar fasciitis. My long run was a half marathon as I had flu as well. I had started to do a 16 mile run, but this was aborted at 12 miles due to the injury. I’m not suggesting that anyone runs with an injury. It’s a pretty stupid thing to do. I’m also not suggesting that anyone attempts a marathon as woefully undertrained as I… View Post