London Marathon Ballot Rejection Truth

It’s May 1st 2017 and runners world-wide know what that means. It’s the day that the London Marathon ballot opens, we all throw our names into a hat and we wait. And wait. And wait. At the end of September / early October, some of us will be rewarded for our patience with a place into the Holy Grail of marathons. Most of us will be left being bitter on social media, or pretending that we didn’t want to do it anyway. For those of you who are interested in stats, Dan put a post… View Post

An open letter to “slow” marathon runners

Dear “Slow” Marathon Runner I bet you can’t believe that tomorrow is the big day. The Virgin Money London Marathon 2017. You might be thinking “f**k, that came around fast!” You’re probably a bit nervous, a bit scared and a lot excited, all at once. You might be a first time marathon runner, or you might be lacing up for the tenth time. Funny how the mixture of pre-race nerves and excitement never fades though. I did London in 2015. It took me well over 6 hours. 6:20ish, I think was the actual time. Not… View Post

Where to eat after the London Marathon 2017

We’re just a few days out from this year’s London Marathon and perhaps you’re wondering where to go to eat after if you’re running or supporting. With runners burning around 2,500 calories during the epic 26.2 mile route, a good meal is likely to be one of the first things on the agenda after crossing the finishing line. Luckily, many London pubs and restaurants get in the spirit of the marathon, offering offers and treats galore for the finishers. Play it right and you could even eat your way around the city for nothing! Royal… View Post

Cheating in the 2016 London Marathon

The London Marathon was brilliant viewing over the weekend. I was thrilled when Jemima Sungong picked herself up and went on to win. True grit and determination. As for Eliud Kipchoge, we started screaming him over the line, mind-blowing running. Of course, the buzz is now all about the London Marathon cheats, with about 20 have allegedly been flagged up for investigation by the organisers. I’m not going to name the most prolific culprit – if you’re a runner, you’ll know who it is already. It’s not the first year it’s happened – there has… View Post

London Marathon 2016 – A Letter to Participants

Dear London Marathon 2016 Participants, I didn’t take part this year. I wasn’t fortunate enough to get through the ballot. But I was lucky enough to take part in 2015, after winning a Twitter competition. I was injured and ran badly, but it was London and the London Marathon is awesome. Every single one of you today was awesome. The London Marathon never fails to inspire and motivate. From the elite runners chasing the win, runners chasing Olympic dreams, runners chasing personal bests, runners raising for charities, runners doing it because they can, the runners… View Post