Tips For Race Day Accomodation

Post in collaboration with InterContinental Hotels Planning a big city race involves logistics. Sadly, it isn’t always as simple as getting into your running kit, charging your watch and running. They become a mission in bag drops, getting to the start, getting away from the finish and often, working out where to stay. Many big races now start early and require runners to turn up before public transport can realistically get them there. Or they require you to turn up the day before for your race pack, in which case, you may as well stay… View Post

Annoying Things People WILL Shout at The …

And for that matter, annoying things people will shout, or display on banners at ANY marathon. And a half marathon too, for that matter. You’re nearly there! Not so bad at the 26 mile mark. Unfortunately, they tend to shout it less than a mile in. F**k off. Pain is just weakness leaving the body! Pain is all the miles in my legs. Don’t be shit. I’m running a marathon. I’m clearly not shit. I’m awesome. Smile and remember you paid to do this! And most runners question why… This is a lot of work… View Post

North London Half Marathon Race Report

I’m sure that you’ve all been desperate to know whether or not I ran in the North London Half Marathon. Well, despite having a bad bug last week and not being very sensible, I took the decision on Saturday night to run it anyway. Mostly because I knew loads of other people doing it, I missed it last year and I didn’t want to feel left out. Plus Urban Massage had provided me with my place. Luckily, transport was playing ball and getting to the start at Wembley was fairly quick and painless. The route… View Post

The Marathon Mindset

I always get a bit jealous at this time of year as I really want to be part of the London Marathon crew. Yes, I am well aware that there are other incredible marathons out there, but there’s nothing quite like running through London. Although I had a bad experience, I took part in the London Marathon last year – making it my second. Since then, I’ve completed a third marathon and I have my fourth next month. So, I thought I’d share my tips on “The Marathon Mindset”.     Believe you can It… View Post

London Marathon 2015

I WAS going to publish my blog about the Currys Christmas Walk. Did I mention I met Bill Nighy? I WAS going to publish my blog about my shiny new Helly Hansen stuff and the Winter Duel. I WAS going to nag you all about Janathon. But then Twitter told me I’d won a place into the London Marathon 2015.   YAY!!!!!