Juneathon 6/7 – A run, return of the ducks, …

Hooray! Some progress is being made on the journey back to fitness. We went out for lunch yesterday, following part of the Shuttle Riverway. We actually discovered it last year, but forgot about, so this was a happy rediscovery as I declared “Oooh! I can run along here. I don’t have to run in circles around the houses.” So after a nice lunch had time to settle, I decided I felt good enough to run two days in a row. It was a hot day. Everyone knows I hate running in hot weather, but with… View Post

Juneathon Day 5: Better late than never

Oops. I usually don’t fail quite so quickly, but where would we be without some slacking, eh? My Juneathon efforts have been slack so far. I’ve been doing a token “wall sit”. Whoever invented that exercise needs to be shot. It hurts! I’m also not very good with it, so my target for June is to be able to hold it for a minute by the end of the month. So far, I can do thirty seconds. Today however, I managed to get out for a run. I’m very conscious of the fact that the… View Post

Sure Run to the Beat 10k

London based runners are probably already aware of the Run to the Beat half-marathon, held in Greenwich. This year, Run to the Beat is moving further afield to Wembley Park, offering a different challenge in the form of a 10k run. I have never participated in Run to the Beat before, but I’m really excited this year to be taking part for the first time. Showcasing some of the biggest bands in the UK music scene, tunes are played to the runners as they pound their way around the course, making a truly unique event.… View Post

A mile slog – post-pregnancy running

I don’t usually blog about single mile runs. Unless it’s Janathon or Juneathon and being that we are in May, it is not yet an “athon”. Although whilst I’m jabbering about j-athons, if you like exercise, you should probably sign up. Actually, sign up even if you don’t like exercise. Be creative. It’s part the fun. I digress. Back to my single mile. Over the past few weeks, I have been venturing out running. My runs have been slow and short, consisting of walk/jog. Today I covered a mile. All running. No walking. It was… View Post

Post-Pregnancy 10k to Marathon Challenge

Remember back in 2010 when I set myself the challenge of running the marathon, I was a non-runner and I hadn’t even completed a 5k. Undeterred, I completed the Brighton Marathon in 2011. Yesterday, I went out for my first run in 9 months. Look, there’s even a picture for proof! Admittedly, you’ll have to just take my word that I didn’t just dress up, but how many people would admit to just running half a mile? Exactly. In my defence, I have spent a lot of time being pregnant, on crutches and recovering from… View Post