The 2014 Running Awards – vote for me!

This is a plea for votes. I have been nominated for the 2014 Running Awards and I want you all to vote for me. On what other running blog can you read about toilet roll, tenpin bowling and big boobs? Exactly. I’m even going to provide you with some instructions. Click this link Select “online” under “category” Select “blogs” under “filter it down” Scroll down to “helsbels” under “vote for your favourite”. Do not look at other amusing blogs and change your mind, or else. Click “helsbels”. That’s it! Ta!

Marathon Motivation

Now we’re into November, most people undertaking a spring marathon will be starting to think about their training. I think it’s fair to say that the hardest bit of doing a marathon is the training and I know when I signed up to do Brighton in 2011, most people thought I wouldn’t do it. I think they were forgetting that I can be really stubborn when I want to be and I took great satisfaction in proving them wrong. Whether you have a supportive bunch of friends surrounding you or not, it’s important to stay… View Post

Fitness Spending – NaBloPoMo Day 1

Whilst I enjoy blogging, I sometimes lack inspiration. Many of you will have probably heard of the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) but have you heard of the NaBloPoMo? The idea is simple, blog every day in November. Much like the fabled ‘Athons in fact, except you don’t have to exercise every day. NaBloPoMo also provides you with prompts to help you blog. I have decided to take part this November, using the prompts, but with the added challenge of attempting to make posts health and fitness related. We’ll see how we get on. Primarily,… View Post

London Marathon – A Rant

It’s a bit unfair of me to criticise the London Marathon, especially in light of the fact that I have not run it. I will not be running in 2014 either. This magazine dropped through the letterbox on Thursday. For the fourth year in a row. Once again, I am a reject. In light of recent news, I could not have run anyway and would have had to have defer until 2015. Yes, ok, why should I have had a place if I was just going to defer anyway? But at least I could look… View Post

Why you shouldn’t put off going …

On Thursday, my boyfriend said “Right, I have made an executive decision, I need a good run so I am definitely going to parkrun on Saturday”. On Friday, my boyfriend said “I might go to parkrun tomorrow”. This morning I said “are you going to parkrun?” My boyfriend said, “naaaaaaaaah”. The moral of the story? Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Or you’ll never go for your run. Or train for that marathon.