Don’t compare your running times

Don’t compare your running times. Comparing yourself to other people can be a dangerous thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s motivating and inspiring when other people do well. Sometimes it can give us a boot up the backside, and this is great when goals are achievable. But it can also be dangerous, especially when we start obsessing. I like running because it is so personal. A slow time for one runner may be a personal best to another runner, and a long-term target for another runner. And that’s ok, we’re all at different levels and… View Post

Decathlon Running Series Belfast

  I love Decathlon. I was introduced to the store a few years ago and have purchased much of my running kit from there since. They offer one of the biggest selections of sports equipment I’ve ever seen, great quality at very reasonable prices. One of their unique selling points is the sheer number of sports they cater for, it isn’t just the mainstream. They stock equipment for about 70 different sports, from the more mainstream running and football, to archery and rock climbing. Simply put, if you want to get started in a new… View Post

Running unfit after time out

In case you weren’t already aware, I’ve been ill. Oh. You mean, I haven’t shut up about it? Well, now I’m running unfit. You know what it’s like. We all make a fuss about long runs, or having to go out for a run when it’s raining and we make excuses and we huff and flounce and eventually go out. Of course, it’s always enjoyable once we go out and we feel amazing afterwards, but the fact remains that going out is the hard bit. Of course, I’m Little Miss Contrary. I make a fuss… View Post

Don’t run when you’re ill

Some of my observant readers may have noticed that it’s been quiet around here recently. Rest assured, I have a LOT of blog posts to ramble on about, but the reason for my silence is that I’ve been poorly. And it’s not a good idea to run when you’re sick. Simply put, don’t run when you’re ill. I’ve been properly poorly. Not just a runny nose, or generally feeling run down. Nope – on Tuesday I started vomiting. And vomiting. And vomiting. In fact, 10 hours later, I was still throwing up and had to… View Post

Guernsey parkrun run report

It’s been quiet around here recently. If you follow my blog on Facebook, you’ll know that’s because I’ve had a fantastic short break in Guernsey with my friend Jo. We had a great few days eating fantastic food, walking, kayaking, exploring, and of course, parkrun. If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I was really looking forward to checking out Guernsey parkrun for some ├╝ber parkrun tourism and also because it was going to be my milestone 50th parkrun. Guernsey parkrun is held at Pembroke Bay, Vale, a 25 minute or so bus ride… View Post