The Great Sports Bra Workout

A while back, I shared this image I created about how hard it is to do up a sports bra to my Facebook page:     I still maintain that this is true. Yesterday, I decided to take myself out for a short run in the afternoon to clear my head. Just a 20 minute bimble. Prior to my run, I spent 20 minutes trying to do up my damn sports bra. Don’t get me wrong, it’s SO important to wear them and I swear by this particular style as NOTHING moves. But they also… View Post

Finding the best sports bra Part 1 – Shock …

I know I go on about this a lot, but it’s SO important. Sports bras. Time after time, I read about the well endowed lady saying she can’t get a good fitting sports bra. Or she claims that she has found a really good bra, but she needs to wear 2 of them. If you have to wear 2 bras, it isn’t the right one for you. It takes time, trial and error, but I really believe that the right sports bra is out there, whatever your size and shape. But first of all, let’s… View Post