Stop ignoring objectification of women in sport

You know what upsets me? Objectification in sport. No sport is free from it. The culture is deep, it is embedded and it has to change. Forgive me if this post descends into a rant. I have been quietly simmering all day. A friend of mine earlier today sent me a link to a forum post that he found. The post was written by an individual calling himself “Aslan,” presumably after the wise, compassionate and brave King of Narnia. However, this Aslan would perhaps be better named “Cowardly Lion.” Because surely that is a better… View Post

Team GB say thank you to their #…

  Olympic fever strikes again! I’m really excited about Rio and seeing some of my favourite athletes do what they do best. I was lucky enough to see Usain Bolt run the 200m at the London Anniversary Games last week and back in 2010, I saw Mo Farah tearing up the other side of the road in the Bupa London 10k. I love the way how in sport, the whole country gets wrapped up in the excitement and people are united. It’s fantastic how we can all get behind people doing what they do best,… View Post