Sports Bra Review: Hunkemöller Doutzen Sport

It’s been a while since I’ve tried out a different style of sports bra, so I was pleased when Dutch brand, Hunkemöller, got in touch to invite me to try out a product from their Doutzen Sport line. With items retailing between £8-£40, this is a reasonably priced line of visually very attractive clothing, incorporating style with functionality. With so many pretty items, it was difficult to choose, but I knew I had to try out the Doutzen Sport The Pro Level 3 Sports Bra. According to the website, the Hunkemöller Doutzen Sport bra “has a… View Post

The Great Sports Bra Workout

A while back, I shared this image I created about how hard it is to do up a sports bra to my Facebook page:     I still maintain that this is true. Yesterday, I decided to take myself out for a short run in the afternoon to clear my head. Just a 20 minute bimble. Prior to my run, I spent 20 minutes trying to do up my damn sports bra. Don’t get me wrong, it’s SO important to wear them and I swear by this particular style as NOTHING moves. But they also… View Post

Finding the best sports bras part 3 – Shock …

Last year, I reviewed the Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports bra. Being a big busted runner, I know better than almost anyone how important it is to get a good fitting bra. The Multi Sports Bra has been a long time favourite of mine so when Shock Absorber got in touch to see if I wanted to review their updated version, I jumped (with a bra on) at the chance.     Sizing Before I continue, I’m going to jump back on board my sizing soapbox. Shock Absorber bras are well made and they are… View Post

Find the best sports bra part 2 – Swegmark …

Continuing from my blog about finding the right sports bra, I’m back to talk about the Swegmark Movement High Impact Sports Bra. Retailing at £36, this is a little more expensive than the Shock Absorber. I purchased this from Less Bounce before Christmas on a whim. In terms of cups, it only goes up to an F with the back measurement running 34-44, making it a good choice for ladies with a broader back. As it caps at F and 34, I moved up a band to 34 and sized the cup down to F… View Post

Berlei Sports Underwired Running Bra Review

I am constantly banging on about the importance of a decent sports bra, so I was thrilled to receive a Running Bra from Berlei for review. Berlei have recently launched their No sports bra? No sport campaign to highlight the importance of protecting your breasts when doing sport, so I was pleased to read more about this. You can read my own post on the importance of sports bras here. Anyway, a few weeks ago in the post, I received this: I was surprised by how pretty it was for a sports bra and was… View Post