How to get the most from your …

The right sports bra is absolutely essential for exercise. A badly fitting bra, the wrong style of bra, or even a worn out bra can lead to pain and irreversible damage. It’s not enough to make sure you’ve got the right style and the right fit. It’s also crucial to look after it. If you’re sitting there thinking “errrr, it’s a sports bra, not a pet dog,” you’ve come to the right place.   Rotate your bras Have you got a sports bra you love? Brilliant. Now go and get at least one other. Rotate… View Post

Musing about sports bras

While I’m still on my enforced layoff and dealing with my running envy, I got to thinking about sports bras and breasts. This is actually a fairly frequent occurrence in my life – you don’t have a bust like mine and go without noticing it several times a day.     I digress. I know far better than most how important it is to have a good sports bra. You can check out my bra guide, or perhaps you might enjoy this post. Back to musing. We’re rightfully taught the importance of a gait analysis… View Post

Sports Bra Myths For Large Breasts: BUSTED

I know I talk about this all the time, but as a busty runner, I feel the need to remind everyone how important it is to wear a sports bra when taking part in sports. However, I also think it important to, ahem, bust the myths. There are many women out there with large breasts. This doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. And there’s no excuse for wearing the wrong bra either. I want to talk through some common complaints and comments that people make to me. Myth 1: “I have to wear two bras!” No,… View Post

Finding the best sports bra Part 1 – Shock …

I know I go on about this a lot, but it’s SO important. Sports bras. Time after time, I read about the well endowed lady saying she can’t get a good fitting sports bra. Or she claims that she has found a really good bra, but she needs to wear 2 of them. If you have to wear 2 bras, it isn’t the right one for you. It takes time, trial and error, but I really believe that the right sports bra is out there, whatever your size and shape. But first of all, let’s… View Post