Dealing with marathon training anxiety

I think we can all admit to feeling nervous about standing at the start of a race. I remember when I did my first marathon in Brighton 2011, I was buzzing with so much nervous energy, I just wanted to get started and go. My then boyfriend kept texting me to calm down and relax. My then friend, now husband (yes that’s confusing) kept laughing at me. His friend, who is a fast and experienced marathon runner kept telling me to calm down as I kept wasting energy buzzing about and being nervous.    … View Post

Train for a marathon on 2 runs a …

Some of you know that I ran my first marathon in Brighton in April 2011. It was the hottest day of the year to date and I got sunburnt, but I had a great day and loved every minute of it. I ran pretty well. I didn’t have any real expectations, but I had hoped to get as close to 5 hours as possible, finishing in 5:08ish. I still think had it not been quite so hot, I may have nudged under. I recovered quickly and was back running within a few days. I was thrilled… View Post

To DNS or not to DNS?

That is the question. I’m supposed to be taking part in the North London Half Marathon this weekend. I ran a marathon a few weeks back and I did a 10 mile race just last weekend, so theoretically, I am in good shape to do so. It might not be a PB, but it should be a solid enough run. Except, I’ve had a really bad week. After I finished my 10 mile race on Sunday, I checked my phone and had a message from the husband asking me to go home as the toddler… View Post

Marathon Training

The thing with training for a marathon is that sometimes you just don’t want to do long runs. And so you grudgingly go outside and talk yourself out of a good run. That happened to me today. 8 miles was on the agenda and if I’m honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it because I don’t find running around Sidcup terribly interesting. My Garmin took AGES to find a signal. I felt tired. I huffed. I took to Twitter for some encouragement. I got told to go. So I went. I’d been looking at routes… View Post

Competition Time – Win a 3 Month Supply of …

I haven’t had a giveaway here for a little while, so I’m pleased to say that the lovely people at Lens Store have partnered up to offer one lucky reader of HelsBels a FREE 3 month supply of contact lenses! As we move into half-marathon season, this is a particularly fantastic prize for those runners amongst us who wear contacts for running, or perhaps for those bespectacled runners who get annoyed with glasses slipping off their noses, but haven’t yet wanted to commit to buying a supply. Well, with enough contact lenses supplied to get… View Post