The 2014 Running Awards – Thank You!

runningawards2014Thank you readers! I am very happy as my blog has been shortlisted in The 2014 Running Awards. Thanks to those of you who voted for me.

I’m up against some great blogs in the next round of voting, so I would be really grateful if you could spare me a vote, if you think I deserve it! Simply follow the link, select ‘online’, ‘blog’ and then HelsBels. If you already voted in stage 1 – THANK YOU and you are now able to vote again.  If you didn’t vote before and would like to now, I will be very happy. I would bribe you all with cake, but how will my peanut butter cookie recipe do instead?

Voting for me is also good karma. A friend of mine won some trainers when she voted in stage 1. How’s that for an incentive?!


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