The North Face launch Mountain Athletics

North Face Mountain Athletics Clothing

Popular outdoor clothing range The North Face have recently launched their new range – Mountain Athletics, designed to be practical and durable for exercising. Blacks sent me a couple of items from the range to try out – Pulse Leggings (£50) and the Reaxion Ampere T-shirt (£25). I asked for a size 14 and was sent a Large in both.


North Face Mountain Athletics


Comfortable and easy to move in, the Pulse Leggings have been designed for trail running and training. They are moisture wicking as anyone would now expect and the seams are flatlocked, which reduces chafing. You cannot feel the seams against your skin and as any distance runner knows, chafing is hell, like salt being poured into an open wound which is continually rubbed for good measure….for hours. Ouch. So this is a great feature.


North Face Mountain Athletics Pulse Leggings


I love the colours and pattern of these leggings and they are extremely comfortable. However, I find it suprising that a pair of leggings designed for the trail would lack any sort of pocket. I typically love kit designed for trail running as I like to take the kitchen sink with me when I run and I hate wearing any sort of waist pack. A pocket is a running tight essential and for me, this is a bit of a design flaw. In terms of sizing, I found the leggings slightly on the loose side. There is no drawstring to tighten them and I found that they slip down when I run. However, the ease of movement makes them great for walking and stretching and they’ve become my go-to tights to change into after a race when I’m cold. They’re just not great for running, which is a shame.


Mountain Athetics Clothing


The Reaxion Ampere T-Shirt is available in two colours – navy and a pale orange, designed to go with the Pulse leggings. Made of a quick-drying wicking fabric to keep you cool, this t-shirt is lovely and soft and size large was a good fit. These are currently on offer at Blacks, buy one, get one half price.


Mountain Athletics Clothing


The new Mountain Athletics range by The North Face is available at Blacks stores and online. Check it out.

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