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I love a bit of gadget geekery so I was pleased when Joe’s Bloggers contacted me on behalf of LV= and asked me if I wanted to review a Misfit Flash. Of course the only answer to this was “yay, gadgets”.

The Misfit comes in lots of different colours, including pretty pink and a nice blue. It also comes in a rather uninspiring grey.


Not much to it, is there?

The “chip” in the middle is the Misfit and it can be fitted into either the wristband I’m wearing in the picture or a handy keychain. This is a pretty nifty idea as it means you can just attach to a belt or pop in your pocket attached to keys and it’s super discreet. My first impressions were that it was cheap and flimsy, but once assembled it felt secure and is extremely lightweight. The Misfit is assembled by simply popping the chip into the wristband or key chain, but despite being someone considered “not stupid”, I had to give it to my husband who also struggled to assemble it.

Misfit is theoretically easy to use. Once assembled, download the Misfit app to your smartphone and link the device via Bluetooth. This took a few attempts, but we got there in the end. The app is quite detailed and by putting in your details, you can set daily targets. It then tracks your exercise, calories burnt, distance covered and your improvements over time. By pressing the Misfit, a type of pie chart lights up and the more progress you make, the more it lights up, making it easy to check.

Alas, by day 2, it had all gone wrong. My Misfit is no longer linking up with my phone and despite several tries, it will not find it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app a couple of times but with no joy. The light on the Misfit also stopped moving around the pie chart, which indicated that I’d done nothing – not true at all when I’ve been for several walks and a few runs! Sadly, my Misfit appears to have given up the ghost.

I find it tough to write less favourable reviews as I love having the opportunity to try new products and I usually have lots of positives to say. Misfit is priced very well in comparison to other fitness /sleep monitors, and if they can iron out their problems, it would likely be a popular cheap alternative, especially in light of the detailed tracking in the app. However, until this is sorted, I fear it is a “misfit” in the fitness gadget world.

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  1. What a shame that it no longer connects to your phone. I use the Garmin Vivofit to track my activity and sleep and I absolutely love it. Connecting has been fairly easy and the graphs online show a lot of information in a lot of detail. I’d feel pretty lost without it now…I like my stats!

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