Train with Jess Ennis – Winner!

Thanks to those of you who entered my competition to win a copy of adidas miCoach. Blimey though, I had no idea that so few of my readers own the consoles. I bet I’d have had lots of entries had it been an opportunity to train with the real Jess Ennis!

Anyway, the lucky winner of the game is Notmuchofarunner, selected by the Random Number Generator. He says:

I deserve to win
‘cos then I will be thin.
No more a chunky porker but the adonis within.

Actually, I don’t deserve it at all as rhyming ‘thin’ with ‘within’ is a sin, in my opin…



3 thoughts on “Train with Jess Ennis – Winner!

  1. Oh, thank you, thank you.
    I’d just really like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made this possible:
    To Helen for hosting the competition.
    My parents for always being there for me (except when they were out)
    My old P.E teacher
    My coach… I don’t have a coach… Jess Ennis is my coach now… To Jess Ennis
    To the random number generator for selecting me

    …but most of all…

    I thank YOU… For reading this blog but not entering, this greatly increasing my chances of securing the victory I so richly deserve!


  2. I think we’re all too busy running and drinking beer or eating cake to play video games – excepyt for NMOAR cos he’s got kids!

    Email me your address – I bought you some butterfingers back to try…

  3. Game arrived today! There was a bit of a delay… Then the one that arrived was badly damaged in post… Replaced without quibble (what a great word) by the provider and all is good… Eventually.

    (Now if you could let me know when you are running a ‘win an xBox 360 competition, I’d be most grateful)

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