Support and an unexpected fast mile

Pace on GPS watch

Running is strange sometimes. Following on from my last blog post where I talked about starting again with 5k, I got into a discussion on Facebook messenger with my friend Stephen of How Many Miles. We had decided to start sharing something positive with each other every day and he messaged me to say that he was off out for a ten minute run.

Although I jog/walked a couple of laps at Spitfire Scramble, I haven’t been for a “run” since I’ve been unwell. I’m still tired, my rib still feels slightly tender. But when he sent me that message, I happened to be dressed in lycra. I’d just attempted and busted a sweat on a plank workout. It was perfect timing and I pinged back the message, f**k it, I’m going out too for 10 minutes.


Pace on running GPS watch


Sports bra on, GPS watch on and outside I went. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous. I was fearing it hurting and I wasn’t even sure if I would have the legs to manage ten minutes. I told myself just to take it easy, walk if I needed to, keep it slow and focus on breathing.

Imagine my surprise when my watch beeped that I’d covered 1km in 5:11. Where did that come from?

I did slow a little on the way back, but at the end of my 10 minutes, I’d covered 1.16 miles. A pace of 8:37 m/m. What on earth…?




Safe to say, that’s my second fastest mile since having Rose.

I messaged Stephen, buzzing. He’d enjoyed his run too.

I’m not delusional, I know that by no stretch of the imagination am I in good running shape at the moment. But it goes to show how having a support network and friends to keep you accountable can really help to motivate you!

Thank you Stephen for that nudge out of the door. I enjoyed it. I have a lot of work to do to build up the distance again, but that was the first step.

2 thoughts on “Support and an unexpected fast mile

  1. Such a lovely, positive post! So happy to hear you’ve got some good support in place and a nice little surprise in a better pace than expected to keep you motivated :) x

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