Walking around Edinburgh – Rock and Roll Half Marathon Training

Last weekend, I spent a lovely long weekend in Edinburgh with Jimmy. My good friend Emily, from the USA is currently visiting Scotland and we decided that it was a good opportunity to all meet up and have some fun.

We had a great time, but I have realised just how unfit I am and how completing the Edinburgh Half Marathon is really going to be just a case of getting round. For a start, Edinburgh is hilly. REALLY hilly. No one told me this and I am now dreading the course. I have about 6 weeks to get myself into shape to just get round and now I’m going to have to go run up and down some hills as well. Ugh.

My feet are also still not in great shape. For this reason, I’ve decided to go back to my trusted and beaten up New Balance trainers as they are comfortable and worry about getting another Gait done afterwards. I know I’m not going to run a PB so I am not going to stress myself out breaking in new shoes.

On the plus side, we must have walked at least 12 miles a day up and down hills while we were there. It was beautiful weather, crisp and fresh and the views from Edinburgh Castle in particular were absolutely beautiful. It was probably the most exercise I’ve had in a few weeks and to be honest, it felt great!

Tomorrow starts my 6-week plan of Operation Get Fitter. I plan to run twice a week and then try to get over my hatred of swimming and visit the pool once a week. I can swim. I even passed a life-saving course. It’s just chlorine. Yuck.

I’ll keep you posted on how this lazy piece of lard – turned marathon runner – turned lazy piece of lard gets on. Let’s be honest, I can make all the excuses in the world. I have been insanely busy. My feet have been a mess.

But I’d also forgotten just how a good bit of exercise feels. Get out there and do something. You’ll feel much better.


3 thoughts on “Walking around Edinburgh – Rock and Roll Half Marathon Training

  1. The hills in the Edinburgh course aren’t too bad. It’s only grim between 8 and 10 miles and then after that it’s downhill.

    Really well organised event! I’m doing it again this year even though I’m doing Paris the week before too.

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