Wedding Day 7k Race Report

I took part in a slightly different race last week – the Wedding Day 7k, held in Bushy Park, home of the original parkrun. I ran this with Louise, Rachel and Alma. The Wedding Day 7k is to celebrate the wedding of Charles and Diana and this was the 35th year of the race. I have to confess to vaguely wondering why this event is still going ahead and why they aren’t doing a Divorce Day Run instead…

I decided to wear my special magic bracelet from Cathy for the occasion.


I met up with Alma and Rachel on the train and we battled confusing maps and annoying flying ants on our way to the park, where we caught up with Louise, who was prepping for the 100 mile ultra. You can read about it here. She is incredible.

We’d had a chat about our respective times. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do because although my 5k times are starting to improve again, I’m still struggling with pacing and I’m erratic. I also usually run better in the morning, struggling in the evening because of managing blood sugars and getting my nutrition right. I decided that I’d be happy with about 45 minutes and placed myself near the back, with Alma.

We soon started. It was a warm evening and I found myself flagging after 4k or so. The route was flat, ran on a mixture of tarmac and grass surfaces. My tarmac bits were generally faster than grass, which is consistent with my usual running – I really dislike running on grass because I always feel it in my left calf for some reason. As is typical for me at the moment, my pace was erratic and I really struggled through the last couple of kilometres. I managed to keep Alma in sight most of the way and told myself if I could keep her within view, I’d do OK. During the last half kilometre, I bumped into Louise who’d jogged back to cool down and she ran back in with me, before sending me off to push for a strong finish. I like to think I obliged, but I was a sweaty mess by this point.

The finishing line seemed to take a long time to come and I ended up running an extra 200m or so according to my GPS. I obviously didn’t follow the racing line too well. No medals at the end, but we were presented with a technical t-shirt. Not bad for a £15 entry.

And my time? 45:50. I’ll take that quite happily.

If you’re looking for an evening race, give the Wedding Day 7k a go. Friendly, great marshals, a technical t-shirt and a lovely festival atmosphere with a barbecue and bar available. A pleasant way to spend a Friday evening with friends.

And here’s how we finished:


One thought on “Wedding Day 7k Race Report

  1. I did think “What a nice idea for a race”, but then you said it was to celebrate Charles and Diana’s wedding, and like you, my first thought was ‘They got divorced!’ Is there a reason behind it being 7k? I’ve never seen a 7k race before!
    Well done on achieving your planned 45 minute time and I love your bracelet. :D

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