What does the fitness blogger wear on a winter walk?

When I’m not wearing lycra for running or swanning about in vintage style dresses, I tend to dress down. We like to take the toddler out for walks and adventures in the park to keep her active, so I usually like to be comfortable, but still (hopefully) stylish. As it gets cooler, I also like to wrap up warm, but being a sweaty betty, I also like cardigans and things that are easy to layer and sling on and off. Plus, when the toddler is being demanding and insisting we have to leave NOW, something you can quickly shrug over your shoulders and not have to worry about fastening is always handy. No doubt, when it’s raining, a waterproof mac or cape is always a good bet, but whilst it’s still dry, I prefer knitwear.

So step forward, this divine maxi cardigan by Elena Miro, available from House of Fraser who do a great selection of knitwear, including a stylish range for plus size ladies.




This cardigan is warm and comfortable, made of a blend of thick mixed wool and alpaca yarn.


I’ve worn this a few times now, including on a few walks. It’s perfect for the crisp, cool weather. I’m a size 14 and I’m wearing a M here, which I think is a good fit. Some people may prefer buttons when the weather is windy and cold, but I like to wear things open, so I really liked this. It’s also not itchy, which is great if you’re getting warm on a brisk walk!



Of course, if it is raining, this cardigan isn’t the best option. When the heavens have opened and you’re going out for a walk, this cape from Happy Rainy Days is waterproof and lightweight. It’s also really roomy and suitable to wear when cycling round the shops. Obviously proper road racing wouldn’t be the best idea…




So there you go. My husband would tell me that it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you’re comfortable, but I would beg to differ. I believe that practical can also be stylish. What do you like wearing when out on winter walks?


The cardigan and cape have both been gifted to me in exchange for a review. Views are my own.

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