WheyHey! I ran 8 miles!

Wheyhey! 8 miles done!

Tuesday was a busy day on the Janathon front. I had planned to go out on Monday for my 10 miler, as per my marathon training, but I decided to have a cold instead. I still didn’t feel great on Tuesday, but I dragged myself out anyway. The day finished with the workout from hell, but that’s another blog post…

Running where I live is mind-numbingly boring and I maintain the reason that my 10 mile PB is actually pretty damn respectable is because of running around Sidcup in endless loops. You run fast to get it over and done with, but I digress. Jimmy suggested a route and I took my fuzzy headed self out of the door. What Jimmy didn’t make clear was just how hilly his route actually was. I also made the mistake of going out too quickly. I had planned to shoot for 10:50-11:00m/m pace, but went through 5k in 32 minutes. Oops. Then I hit the hills. I hate hills. 8 and a bit hilly miles with a cold is totally equal to 10 miles, so I decided to recover with a pot of WheyHey!

WheyHey! is a protein ice-cream and they sent me a selection of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banoffee to review. I first tried a pot as a post race snack at Run to the Beat and being that I’m a fan of ice-cream, this was a delivery that I was pretty excited to receive. Guilt-free ice-cream, what’s not to love? After collapsing through the front door and onto the sofa, I ordered my slave Jimmy to the freezer to fetch the chocolate.


¬†According to the website, WheyHey! is sugar free, healthy and natural. It even appears that the big man, Richard Branson, is also a fan. Doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

A lot of people comment on the fact that WheyHey! has a different texture to ice-cream. In all honesty, I can’t say that this is something I’ve noticed. It’s cold, it’s creamy, it looks the part and it tastes good. In my broken state on Tuesday, it really was the perfect recovery food as it prevented me from getting my normal post long run shakes AND it was delicious.

I love ice-cream.

WheyHey! retails in Whole Foods Market, Holland & Barret and Ocado amongst others and I’ll definitely be getting some more once I’ve munched my way through the remaining tubs. It’s expensive, but we all need a treat now and then.



6 thoughts on “WheyHey! I ran 8 miles!

  1. Sounds AMAZING! Love that it’s sugar free too! I need to have a look for this!!

    Well done on your hilly 8 miles! IT’s DEF equal to 10 with a cold and hills!!

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