Why Janathon is better than other challenges

Still looking for reasons to sign up to Janathon? Maybe you’re trying to decide between it and other challenges. Well, without further ado, here are the reasons why Janathon is the original and BEST January fitness challenge.

1. We have more fun

Yes, there is a leaderboard. Yes, there is some friendly competition between individuals. But it’s fun! Janathoners are a wide range of people. Some of us are hardcore mountain climbing, ultra-running, polar bear wrestling (maybe not that) individuals and that’s before breakfast. Some of us are using it to kick-start marathon training. Some of us use it to kick-start an exercise regime. And some of us are just plain lazy. But whether you’ve run 50 miles or done a pyjama plank, you’ll get support from your fellow ‘thoners.

Ever see a penguin do a plank?
Ever see a penguin do a plank?

2. You can call people slackers

And they don’t mind! For some, Janathon is a Slackathon and that’s part of the fun. Plus if someone goes on Twitter and whinges that it’s 11.59pm and they haven’t done anything you can shout at them until they do something. Pyjama planks, dressing gown dashes and bar press-ups (press-ups against a bar in a pub) all count as exercise. Peer pressure is good! (Unless you’re encouraging smoking or drugs. Drugs are bad, mmmkay?)

3. The Janathon Dude

Enough said

4. We’re social!

‘Athoners are good people. I’ve met some amazing people through Janathon. We’ve met up, had beers, we follow each other on Twitter and Facebook and I’ve made some proper friends for life.

5. Nudity

Who doesn’t like fit naked men in the buff doing pyjama planks without pyjamas?


6. Pizza and cake and beer

We have a meet up where we eat pizza, cake and drink beer. Lots of beer. We have to replenish all those lost carbs from Janathon. We don’t do coconut water, steamed lentils in cow dung and raw spinach whilst folding ourselves up into strange yoga poses. We eat, drink and slouch.

Banoffee cheesecake from Janathon 2011
Banoffee cheesecake from Janathon 2011


7. It’s not for profit!

It’s free to enter, organisation is from the goodness of Jog Blog‘s heart and no payment is asked for. Except a pint, if you’re offering.

8. You’re doing something

It’s a challenge and you’re doing something! There has been an increase in recent years of asking people to sponsor you to not do something. Janathon is about effort. And you can make it as tough (or easy) as you like.

9. Prizes

There’s some great prizes this year, donated by the likes of New Balance and Helly Hansen amongst others. And because Janathon is inclusive, everyone who registers is elligible to win. You don’t need to run the most miles. Just sign up and have fun.

10. Slacking is not an option

Oh alright, it is.

Bar press ups. Multi-tasking, drinking and Janathoning.
Bar press ups. Multi-tasking, drinking and Janathoning.


4 thoughts on “Why Janathon is better than other challenges

  1. I’ve never heard of this before, but what’s not to love? Who doesn’t need to kick start their health and fitness after Christmas. I know I do and everything is better with support.

  2. Sounds like so much fun but I’m too late in the game to even consider adding another challenge to my hectic 2015 schedule. I love the concept though – good luck. x

  3. I’m in! Polar bear wrestling sounds pretty fun! :P Love that Janathon gets you to focus on being active in some way every single day. And the support network is superb. :)

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