Women’s Running 10k Race Series

As I hinted at in a my previous post about the Olympic Park 10k, the 10k distance is a bit of a bogey distance for me and always has been. I have never been able to quite manage the balance of faster than marathon pace and slower than 5k pace. So more often than not, I end up burning out too quickly and puffing over the finish line.

I’ve got the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October and as part of my training for that, I want to race a good, solid 10k. I want to get my pacing right and feel strong and hopefully run a post-baby personal best.

Step forward, Women’s Running 10k Race Series.


Women's Running 10k


The Women’s Running 10k Race Series provides race events for female runners, of all abilities, in a fun and welcoming environment. Partnered with This Girl Can, runners also have the opportunity to take part in the 5k option. These fantastic events are held at 10 different locations in the UK. I hoped to take part last year, but was away at the time. So I was delighted this year to be asked to take part in the Finsbury Park event on September 25th.

I’ve got a series of goals for this event. It’s 2 weeks before the Royal Parks Half and I believe that Finsbury Park is a little hilly. It’s the perfect opportunity to run strongly and really test my fitness before tapering down for the half. So what are my goals for the event?

  • Run the hills
  • Run two evenly paced splits
  • Run a post-Rose personal best. I was hoping to break an hour, but considering the undulating course, I’ve revised this slightly to 1:02
  • Tell myself I can and learn to trust my body again

I know I can run strongly, but I need to start believing it. I’m following a plan for my half marathon, but in order to run a strong 10k, I’ve revised this slightly. I think it will benefit my half marathon as well. So in very basic terms, this is what I plan to do:

  • One longer run per week
  • One interval session per week
  • One hill session per week

I’m a very lazy runner when it comes to hills so I know the hill training will be the hardest thing for me, but it’ll also be the most beneficial. And to keep myself accountable, I’ll be posting progress reports. Once it’s in the public domain, I’m committed, right?


Gonna nail the women's running 10k race series


So do you want to join this lazy hill dodger? The Women’s Running 10k Race Series costs just £23 to enter and includes a medal, performance t-shirt, and goody bag worth £40 for all finishers. Not bad, right? And if you want to save a further 15% on your entry, simply use the code HBWR16.

See you there!

3 thoughts on “Women’s Running 10k Race Series

  1. Excellent sub-goals there! Well done for thinking it through and breaking it down.

    Focus on those hills. You’ve got the confidence and experience to achieve the other targets, now just give yourself the hills to focus on.

  2. 10k is my nemesis too! It’s running hard all the way, for longer than a 5k distance. It popped up on my timehop earlier today actually that I set my most recent 10k PB a year ago today. I’m a long way from that now though. Fingers crossed I will be able to settle back into post-baby running fairly straight forwardly in the Autumn.
    It sounds like you’ve got a good set of goals and action plans to achieve those goals at the race too. I always think that it’s a good idea to not just have time based goals, but a wider range of targets to reach at a race. Otherwise we just become hung up on the times and not about feeling good or racing strong or confident. I’ve never run one of the Women’s Running events before. There is one at Milton Keynes though, which I think is probably the closest to me.

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